Dual Language

Okapi has made it easy to ensure your dual language classrooms are filled with rich content in both English and Spanish. With a single order code, each of our dual language packages offers title-for-title equity between the two languages. Match Flying Start to Literacy™ with Despegando hacia la lectura®, or WorldWise: Content-Based Learning™ with ExploraMundos™:

  • Complete programs in dual language bundles
  • Program stages in dual language bundles
  • Add-on sets (lesson plans, text sets, etc.) in dual language bundles

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For Shared Reading

Lift Off to Literacy™  and Un enfoque de lectura compartida incorporate rhyme, rhythm, repetition, and highly predictable texts—with allowances made for the differences between languages— offering you opportunities to revisit (and co-visit) familiar texts again and again.

For Small Group Instruction
Flying Start to Literacy™ and Despegando hacia la lectura®, spreading across nine developmental reading stages—from Early Emergent to Advanced Fluent—more than 300 paired texts in each language work as paired texts are meant to work, with one text enhancing understanding of the other.

For Content-based Literacy
Develop content literacy in two languages with WorldWise: Content-based Learning™ and ExploraMundos™, essential resources fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and C3 Social Studies Outcomes.

Teaching for Language Connections
Biliteracy para todos™: Teaching for Language Connections delivers simultaneous biliteracy instruction targeting language, content, and translanguaging objectives. Thoughtfully selected texts will engage and inform your emergent bilinguals.