Okapi Digital Literacy®

Okapi Digital Literacy® is a digital book platform with more than 1200 student texts (Decodable Readers through Level V) that enables teachers to view and share Okapi’s resources with students.
Four major programs offer title-for-title equity in English and Spanish. Teachers can access and download lesson plans for every title or paired-book duo.
Okapi Digital Literacy’s Resources platform provides digital access to a variety of program support, including essential downloadable instructional content for Biliteracy para todos® and Flying Start to Literacy: Phonics™.

Investigations/Investigaciones extend the learning for our WorldWise: Content-Based Learning® and ExploraMundos™ programs, and Texas educators can view and download a TEKS version of every lesson plan.

Okapi Digital Literacy® is the resource you need for exceptional digital delivery of content and instruction.  Consider the difference these exciting features will make to your existing Learning Management System:

  • Access the bank of titles from any phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Share books with students through links you create.
  • Use tools to annotate and mark up texts.
  • Switch to the alternate language title through a simple click.
  • Download lesson plans for print or digital distribution of student assessment and activities.