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Okapi Educational Publishing

Okapi Digital Literacy™

Okapi Digital Literacy™ offers digital access to over 1100 titles in English and Spanish from Okapi’s four flagship programs. Each title or pair is supported with robust teaching support, making this resource your ideal choice for remote-, hybrid-, or in-class instruction. Contact your Okapi representative for Free Trial!

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Okapi Digital Literacy ™

Biliteracy para todos™

Biliteracy para todos is a new stand-alone program designed for progression from early to advanced biliteracy.
Each of the three developmental stages (Early, Developing, and Advanced) includes Teacher Resource Manuals and selected paired texts for two separate resources: Cross Linguistic Connections and Preview-View-Review.

Biliteracy para todos™

Flying Start to Literacy™

A comprehensive early literacy program
that supports the systematic development
of reading strategies and skills
in young students. Grades K-5

Flying Start to Literacy ™

Despegando hacia la lectura™

A Spanish-language, early literacy program that—
when combined with its English-language
counterpart— provides rigorous
dual-literacy instructions. Grades K-5

Despegando hacia la lectura ™

WorldWise: Content-Based Learning™

WorldWise: Content-Based Learning ™ is a high-interest literacy program for Grades K-5 that encourages inquiry and questioning while extending knowledge in science, social studies and a range of STEM topics. WorldWise: Content-Based Learning ™ creates a powerful and effective learning culture. Grades K-5



ExploraMundos™ is the Spanish-language counterpart to WorldWise: Content-Based Learning™, matching that dynamic resource title-for-title. (Grades K and 1 will be arriving in Spring 2021.)
If you are teaching to the new NGSS or C3 Social Studies Outcomes, here are more than 100 indispensable titles to reinforce instruction in your Spanish or dual-language classroom.


Leveled Bookroom Collections

Captivating Fiction and Informational Texts, Shelf-Ready and Fully Supported with Okapi’s Award-Winning Lesson Plans. Grades K-5

Leveled Bookroom Collections

Reading and Thinking Together

Reading and Thinking Together / Leyendo y Pensando Juntos is a collection of digital readings from our award-winning Flying Start to Literacy™ and Despegando hacia la lectura™ paired texts. For each selected text, an adult reads the text aloud in English or Spanish, posing questions and comments to stimulate a young reader’s thinking and interaction with the visuals and print.

Leveled Bookroom Collections