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  • Complete package of Lift Off to Literacy shown

A comprehensive early literacy program

that supports the systematic development 
of reading strategies and skills

in young students.

Grades K-3

A flexible digital and print resource to

teach comprehension strategies for

informational texts.

Grades 2-6+

Your complete solution for the explicit

teaching and assessment of key reading

and comprehension strategies, delivered in grab-and-go

units for Tier 2 Intervention.

Grades 2-5

A Spanish-language, early literacy

program that—when combined with

its English-language counterpart—

provides rigorous dual-literacy


Grades K-3

Explore text types while developing 

strategic readers and proficient writers of

informational text.

Grades K-2 and 3-5+

Audio-assisted reading to build 

fluency and increase competence.

Grades 2 and Up

Audio support for listening and reading along

Meet the challenges of the Common Core and other state standards with these Okapi programs

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