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[DHLL] Hacer amigos / La grulla azul

Hacer amigos / La grulla azul 2-6 pks, 1 Lesson Plan

This is the Spanish pair set package. Did you want the English version instead?

Each set of books includes 6 each of 2 student books for paired reading and 1 Lesson Plan Making Friends recounts several personal experiences about making new friends, The Blue Crane is a story about a blue crane that arrives at a lake where some white cranes live. Despite many differences, the blue crane is eventually accepted by the white cranes.
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13 Digit ISBN9781741489347
Guided Reading LevelG
Intervention Level12
Grade Level1
Text TypeRecount / Narrative
Curriculum LinkSocial Studies: Friendships, tolerance, accepting differences
DRA level12
Lexile Ranges240L-800L