Developing Language and Literacy through Shared Reading, K-2

What does “good first teaching” look like in a K-2 classroom? How do we support our youngest learners to understand how to use language, print concepts, rhyme and rhythm in service of meaning? And how do we do this in a delightful, joyous, and, dare we say, fun way that makes children want to “read it again”?

Shared Reading offers teachers the opportunity to demonstrate how skills and strategies help readers get to bigger meanings in text through joyful and engaging reading experiences. It supports all students to see themselves as capable and purposeful readers. Shared Reading brings all children into the reading club!

This session will explore how shared text experiences build children’s reading processes as they co-construct meaning by talking with others.

Together, we will explore...

  • How Shared Reading fits into a rich thinking and talking curriculum
  • Why repeated readings matter so much for emergent and early readers
  • The role of Shared Reading in developing and expanding language
  • Choosing texts for engaging and thoughtful Shared Reading experiences
  • Designing powerful lessons for Shared Reading that teach comprehension, skills, and strategies

Come learn more about how to make Shared Reading the best part of your day!

3 Full-Day Sessions
1.5-3-Hour Session Descriptions
Instructional Strategies
Read Aloud / Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Reading Instruction
Writing Instruction
Purposeful Talk
Classroom Management