Evaluation—The “So What” of Assessment (K–2, 3–5)

This panel session will explore making decisions for students based on assessment data—both quantitative and qualitative. Through looking at case studies for two students, we consider what our individual assessments tell us and what those same assessments tell us when we consider them collectively. This session will also explore examples from an entire classroom of students and the possible whole and small group learning needs. Bring your questions and bring your ideas for this interactive panel discussion around using assessment to guide instructional planning!

Making decisions is the “so what” of instruction. In a balanced literacy classroom, number data is only one piece of telling the story of a learner. Teachers use multiple assessment data—teacher observations, running records, letter/ sound/word checks, writing samples— to support their understandings of their students. Interpreting these multiple data is a thought-provoking exercise for the most confident and knowledgeable teacher.

Lift Off to Literacy’s Teacher’s Guide offers observational look-fors during Shared Reading. Okapi's lesson plans identify opportunities for assessing understandings of individual books as well as the big ideas and concepts between the books. The WorldWise assessments support teachers to gauge various levels of understanding (literal, interpretive, analytical, and critical) and, in a unique assessment for intermediate students, how students interpret and integrate information found in text graphics.

Materials that may be emphasized:
Flying Start to Literacy™, WorldWise™, Explorations®, Lift Off to Literacy™, use of lesson plans cards and other assessments connected to the materials

3 Full-Day Sessions
1.5-3-Hour Session Descriptions
Instructional Strategies
Read Aloud / Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Reading Instruction
Writing Instruction
Purposeful Talk
Classroom Management