Making Sense of the Standards and Text Complexity (K–5)

We’ve all heard the terms, standards and text complexity, but what do they mean…really? Confusion and misconceptions surround standards and text complexity. Join us in this session as we explore what these terms really mean, debunking some of the common “myths” along the way. We will leave feeling empowered and confident about text selection, instructional planning, and facilitating instruction.

Standards are often viewed as a list of items to be taught, rather than outcomes from multiple lessons. Sometimes instruction is viewed as being about a single standard, or a single strand of the standards (reading, speaking, listening, etc). In reality, the standards are intended to be interwoven and interactive processes.

The session focuses on standard through the lens of text selection, instructional planning, and facilitating instruction. This allows for a subtle integration of Okapi materials as examples of texts that support thoughtful work with students. (1.5 to 3 hours)

Materials that may be emphasized:
Flying Start to Literacy™, WorldWise™, Exploration®, Lift Off to Literacy™

3 Full-Day Sessions
1.5-3-Hour Session Descriptions
Instructional Strategies
Read Aloud / Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Reading Instruction
Writing Instruction
Purposeful Talk
Classroom Management