Making the Most of Guided Reading Through Collaborative Conversations, K-5

How does authentic meaning-making with students who are truly engaged in thinking look, sound, and feel? Is this level of engagement truly possible in this day of standards and testing? And, will this kind of instruction support my English language learners? Come explore how we can support all of our students to think and talk in ways that ensure both engagement and achievement. This session for K–5 teachers will explore how to use a guided reading approach to build children’s thinking processes as they co-construct and deepen meaning through talking with others.

As we explore using a guided reading approach, these questions about practice will guide us:

  • What best practices are critical for an engaging and effective lesson?
  • How does instruction in guided reading change over the year and across the grades?
  • How do the Stages of Reading Development impact instruction?
  • How do I support my students in learning English to engage in meaningful ways?
  • How can I support self-regulated skill and strategy development?
  • How do I group my students and how often should I change my groups?
  • How does a teacher look beyond the level when selecting a text?
  • What role does accountable talk play? How is talking well about a text taught?

Come join us as we explore how guided reading can be an engaging part of making sure all students are achieving!

3 Full-Day Sessions
1.5-3-Hour Session Descriptions
Instructional Strategies
Read Aloud / Shared Reading
Guided Reading
Reading Instruction
Writing Instruction
Purposeful Talk
Classroom Management