Deadly Venom: Killer or Cure? / The Stubborn Princess / Dangerous Animals: What Do You Need to Know?


Six copies of each Student Book and two Lesson Plan Cards

Series: Flying Start to Literacy

Guided Reading Level: O

DRA/EDL Level: 34

Curriculum Link: Science: Science at Work, Living Things Function

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­­­­­­­Deadly Venom: Killer or Cure? explains the difference between venom and poison produced by animals, and how scientists use venom and poison to save lives and create pesticides.

The Stubborn Princess tells the story of Princess Nadia. She loves dangerous animals and often visits Anisha’s cottage to learn all she can about them. One day she learns about a special potion – a discovery that will be vital to her brother Raja.

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ProgramFlying Start to Literacy
13 Digit ISBN9781760913731
Guided Reading LevelO
Grade Level3
Curriculum LinkScience: Science at Work, Living Things Function