Creepers and Climbers / Growing Watermelons


Six copies of each Student Book and one Lesson Plan Card

Series: Flying Start to Literacy

Guided Reading Level: G

DRA/EDL Level: 12

Curriculum Link: Science: Living Things, Needs of Plants, Plant Life Cycles

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Creepers and Climbers is an explanation about plants that creep along the ground as they grow and plants that climb on things as they grow.

Growing Watermelons is a story about a girl who gets her plant seeds all mixed up. She plants them anyway, and her grandpa helps her work out which plant is which.

More Information
ProgramFlying Start to Literacy
13 Digit ISBN9781760380687
Guided Reading LevelG
Intervention Level12
Grade Level1
Curriculum LinkScience: Living Things, Needs of Plants, Plant Life Cycles