Driver Ants / Killer Ants


Six copies of each Student Book and one Lesson Plan Card

Series: Flying Start to Literacy

Guided Reading Level: K

DRA/EDL Level: 20

Curriculum Link: Science: Living Things, Animal Behavior

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Driver Ants is a report about ants called driver ants. It gives information about driver ant colonies, how the ants hunt, attack, and eat other animals, and what types of animals eat them.

Killer Ants is a narrative about a mother gorilla that loses her baby when the animals in the jungle try to escape a swarming colony of driver ants. The mother gorilla goes back into the jungle to save her baby from the ants.

More Information
ProgramFlying Start to Literacy
13 Digit ISBN9781760381073
Guided Reading LevelK
Intervention Level20
Grade Level2
Curriculum LinkScience: Living Things, Animal Behavior