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Read Aloud: The Practice (K–5)

Helping our youngest learners understand the joy and magic to be found between the covers of a book begins in Read Aloud time. Considering text selection, lesson design and co-construction of meaning through talking with others are keys to supporting learners to understand the bigger meanings a reader builds within and across texts. This session will explore understandings and attitudes developed by learners when a teacher engages students through meaningful discussions during read aloud.

Reading aloud to students develops comprehension as they listen to texts and coconstruct meaning through discussion of the text. This comprehension is supported by the teacher—through text selection, lesson design, facilitation of talk, questions, and modeling of the teacher’s thinking when needed. The teacher assumes responsibility for the decoding and fluency work that occurs during reading. This experience enables students to understand what meaning-making is and can be; this is a habit of mind that must underlie all reading experiences.

These meaning-making experiences in Read Aloud prepare students to apply their ever-developing and deepening understandings to new texts in the context of Guided Reading.

Materials that may be lightly emphasized:
Flying Start to Literacy, WorldWise, Explorations, Lift Off to Literacy

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