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Read Aloud: The Texts (K–5)

Read Aloud: The Texts (K–5) What makes a book perfect for reading aloud—one that makes them laugh or makes them cry but always, always makes them think? This session will explore the qualities of great literature and nonfiction texts that engage readers and build a habit of mind for meaningmaking. Come learn about some great books, both old and new, that will make your readers yearn to hear it again and again (and read it for themselves!).

This session may be integrated with the session, Read Aloud: The Practice (K-5).

We read texts for their ideas. And when we understanding the thinking behind qualities such as story crafting, text design, layouts, and other graphic elements, we become more discerning consumers of texts, especially those created for young children. Recognizing the craft and design moves by authors, illustrators, and publishers allows critical thinking when considering a text’s effect on a reader.

Well-crafted texts are well-crafted texts, whether created for aesthetic appreciation of story or content (trade books) or created to ensure successful decoding and comprehension along a continuum of reading development (controlled texts). Once we develop the eyes to see quality creation in texts, we recognize one of the key factors in what sets Okapi books apart from the rest.

Materials that may be emphasized:
Flying Start to Literacy, WorldWise, Explorations, Lift Off to Literacy (this session could support teachers to use Okapi materials for a variety of reasons, such as using them to model nonfiction structures for writing, etc.)

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