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Teaching the Thinkers of Tomorrow (And Today!)

How might we teach if we thought of ourselves as teachers of thinkers? Come explore how we can support all of our students to think and talk in ways that ensure engagement and achievement—for today and tomorrow.

This all-day session will engage participants in an exploration of processes that develop when learners co-construct and deepen meaning and are engaged in a variety of richly dialogic, literate situations.

Some ideas we will explore together:

  • How does authentic meaning-making with students who are truly engaged in thinking look, sound, and feel?
  • What is the relationship between talk and meaning-making?
  • What kind of talk matters?
  • Is this level of engagement truly possible in this day of standards and testing?
  • How does this kind of thinking and talk support young writers?
  • What abilities and shifts will our students need to think and collaborate in these ways? How will teachers need to shift?

Join us for a day of exploring these ideas and more!


Maria Nichols and Debra Crouch

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