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Using Assessment to Plan Intervention (1–5)

After considering multiple assessments for a learner, how can we intervene in a way that meets their needs while also accelerating their learning? This session will use various assessment data to consider appropriate cycles of intervention, options for delivery and, monitoring student success.

The strongest interventions are those done by the person who knows the child best—their classroom teacher. A strong second is by someone using assessments that allow this teacher a complete view of the child as a learner. To get a full picture of a child’s strengths on which to build and the areas for potential growth, a variety of assessments that gauge a reader’s application of skills and strategies in an increasingly self-directed way is used. Then the appropriate instruction, including appropriate texts to use, is designed.

Okapi’s use of “warm” running records offers a unique view of how instruction is impacting a learner. The additional assessments in the lesson plans Lift Off to Literacy’s Teacher’s Guide offers observational look-fors during Shared Reading. Okapi™ lesson plans identify opportunities for assessing understandings of individual books as well as the big ideas and concepts between the books. The WorldWise assessments support teachers to gauge various levels of understanding (literal, interpretive, analytical, and critical) and, in a unique assessment for intermediate students, how students interpret and integrate information found in text graphics. Each of these assessment plays a part in understanding a child as a learner and offers teachers support is determining the appropriate interventions (as well as core instruction) that matter to learners.

Materials that may be emphasized:
Flying Start to Literacy™, WorldWise™, Explorations®, Lift Off to Literacy™, New Heights™, use of lesson plans cards and other assessments connected to the materials

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