teacher reading with student

How To Introduce A New Book to Students

Introducing a new book in Guided Reading or Shared Reading? Here are ways to optimize the performance of your students.

Say the Title of the Book 

Always tell the students the title of the book. This gives them a starting point for exploring the messages in the text. It gets ideas sparking as they start to talk, think, and read their way through the book.

Explore the Book’s Main Ideas

Always explore the main ideas of the book with the students before reading – make sure they understand what the book is really about. Engage in rich conversations with them by making connections to what they already know about the ideas or concepts in the book.

Use the Book’s Language Structures and Vocabulary

As you talk, use some of the language structures and vocabulary in the book as this gives the students the chance to ‘hear’ how the message of this text is written. Point out one or two interesting or new words to the students - some students may even be able to locate new words.