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Shared Reading Videos

Shared Reading Videos from literacy experts.

  1. Whole Group Shared Reading Kindergarten Lesson: First Reading of the Book

    Join literacy consultant Debra Crouch as she shares a big book with a San Diego Kindergarten class. This Shared Reading Kindergarten lesson introductory session focuses on meaning and cognition of Which Pet is Best?

    Watch how Debra models her thinking about how the book works.

    Most conversation happens as whole-group discussion until the turn-and-talk at the end of the book.

  2. Whole Group Shared Reading for Kindergarten: Second Reading of the Book

    In this shared reading for kindergarten follow-up lesson Debra again models her thinking and invites students to turn-and-talk several times during their second reading of Which Pet is Best?

    Students join in reading the text aloud with the teacher as they choose.

    Debra uses a pointer to track the print by moving fluidly under the text, as all students in the class have a one-to-one match established.

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