Introducing Biliteracy para todos™, the essential new resource for dual language learning. This unique program has been carefully crafted for simultaneous Spanish-English instruction targeting language, content, and translanguaging objectives.

Teaching for Language Connections

The program consists of three developmental stages: Early Biliteracy, Developing Biliteracy, and Advanced Biliteracy. Each of the developmental stages will come with a full range of teacher support materials and selected paired texts for two separate resources:

  • Cross-Linguistic Connections for whole-class instruction. Lessons will help teachers engage students in noticing and analyzing similarities and differences across the two languages at the phonology, morphology, grammar, and syntax levels.

  • Preview-View-Review for the whole class and small groups. Grade-level lessons are based on a big idea that is supported through paired, connected texts in English and Spanish.

Preview these Lesson Plans from the program which encapsulate Biliteracy para todos’ groundbreaking approach to dual language instruction.

Preview-View-Review (PVR) Lesson Plan

Phonology (CLC) Lesson Plan

Morphology (CLC) Lesson Plan